DN80 / 100 & 150 Cast Gas Filters

Active Flow is pleased to announce the launch of its new range of cast MP/IP Gas Filters, suitable for operation on Natural Gas, LPG and on request Hydrogen Gas.

Made for industrial, commercial and district applications to protect downstream equipment from dust and debris carried in the gas stream.

The AF90 C Filter is designed to protect regulators, valves, meters and similar equipment against the ingress of dust. Two grades of stainless steel filter element are available, 50 and 200 micron which are suitable for use in systems to GIS:E34, IGEM/TD/13 and IGEM/GM/8.

The basic model is supplied with six tappings, four of which can be used for a differential pressure gauge. The remaining two can be used for venting prior to element replacement. Optional factory fitted plugged valves are available for connection to these tappings.

Main features include:

  • Designed to comply with pressure equipment directive and GIS:E13.1
  • Quick release enclosure
  • Cartridge type element
  • Standard filtration level 50 or 200 micron (other levels available on request)
  • Flanges: PN16
  • Differential pressure tapping
  • Each filter has six tappings to allow for handing of the filter
  • Vent/blow down tapping

For more information, please get in touch or download our data sheet.

Active Flow AF90 C data sheet(r2)