PTZ 5.0

PTZ-BOX is a gas volume corrector that enables PTZ, PT or T conversion. The device is designed to measure volume, energy and flow of gas. Primarily battery powered with the possibility to connection to an external power supply. The device converts the volume of gas counted by the gas meter (turbine, rotary, diaphragm) into
the base conditions.

Main features of the PTZ-BOX:

  • Industrial housing communicates with various types of gas meter like turbine, rotary, diaphragm directly by LF, HF, NAMUR, ENCODER, Wiegand
  • 4 independent serial transmission ports (2 x RS-485 + optical interface 6205621+ NFC IEC 14443)
  • Built-in 4G/IoT modem (option)
  • Backlit graphic display
  • 5 configurable binary Ex inputs
  • 2 configurable binary NAMUR Ex inputs (working on battery mode)
  • Binary and frequency outputs
  • Eco power operation mode
  • Internal or external pressure transducers available
  • 10 years of archivable registered data storage (with monthly sampling interval)

Dresser PTZ

The MC2 PTZ converter is compatible with all Dresser meters and meters from other manufacturers with a low frequency pulse output, such as a reed switch or Wiegand pulser.

With an extensive data logging capacity including an Audit Log for tracking user configuration changes, together with a nominal 5 year battery life, this device can provide years of maintenance free service.


  • CE badged. Full compliance to all relevant EU Directives
  • Proven, robust, reliable and durable construction
  • IP66 Enclosure
  • 3 independent and fully configurable Data Logs for
    years of data recording
  • Separate Audit Log maintains a record of
    configuration and calibration changes
  • Logs are saved in .CSV format which allows
    manipulation and sharing of information via MS
  • Non-volatile storage of recorded Logs and converter
    configuration. No loss of data, even after power loss…

Chatterbox e

Dresser Chatterbox-e+
Isolation Unit
Model 103 Opto-Isolation Unit

The Dresser Natural Gas Solutions (NGS) Chatterbox-e Isolation Unit provides the necessary safety isolation between equipment generating pulses in a hazardous area and non intrinsically safe equipment located in a safe area.


  • 10 Year battery life from standard cells; two 1/2 AA
    lithium. “Virtual power for life”
  • Four channels as standard
  • Channel selections via switches
  • Two output glands as standard promotes ease of
    installation when more than one system is to be
    connected to the Chatterbox-e
  • ATEX Certified Intrinsic Safety
  • Weatherproof cast aluminium housing rated to IP66
    (equivalent to NEMA 4x) offers flexibility
    of installation…


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