Introducing Active Flow

Same Values, just a new look

We’re UK gas industry experts with sharp minds and even smarter designs.

Our brand was stuck in the past, and we needed to bring it up to date. Why? To reflect our expertise and the added value we offer our customers. With this in mind, we’ve shortened our name to Active Flow and we’ve shaken things up with a new look that reflects our substance – things like passion and great service.

Visually, our logo represents what we do; the flair of yellow you see has meaning. This is something we see everyday in our industry – so we’ve brought that through to our brand.

We have revamped our website as an extension of our new brand to create a solid footing for our business out there in the digital world.

What makes us Active Flow?

Passion. This is the fuel for what we do.

Invested in our people. Because when they grow, we grow together.

Nimble and agile. Think David and Goliath.

Innovative. Always reaching for new ideas and approaches.

Honest and transparent. Because you get back what you give.

Welcome to your revamped Active Flow.