What we offer

High-quality products ready to meet every pressure reduction and metering requirement, delivered fast.

Active Flow Controls provides design, fabrication, assembly and testing of integrated solutions to businesses and industries nationwide. Innovation is our watchword, so is offering proven products we know to be right for the job.

What’s more, they are delivered when we promise they will be – because we invest in extensive stock to make it happen. Working in partnership with the key suppliers of meters, regulators, electronic converters and loggers means we provide the speediest and most efficient service.


Active Flow offer a complete range of low, medium & intermediate pressure, fabricated and cast filters. Angled, inline and bespoke orientations available to meet your installation requirements. Our filters are hydrogen ready.

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Active Flow are the exclusive UK distributor for the Vemm Tec IGTM CT gas turbine meter – a highly accurate flow meter, approved for custody transfer measurement and equipped with LF & HF pulse outputs.

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Pressure Reduction Stations

Active Flow provides design, fabrication, assembly and testing of integrated solutions including, but not limited to, metering, pressure reduction, boiler supply, inlet/outlet headers and more.

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Gas pressure - components and equipment

Active Flow holds extensive stock of gas pressure regulators, safety devices, valves, meters and telemetry. If you are in need of loose product with quick delivery then have a look at what we can offer.


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