Active Flow can design and manufacture bespoke PRS and meter modules in all pressure tiers as you require, including:

  • Stream replacements to match existing connections, centres and heights, including those not to standard
  • Non-standard flanges (e.g. CL150, BS10 Table D)
  • Complete modules to replace aging equipment and bring the installation up to current standards: we can provide technical support to achieve this such as site visits / surveys and design solutions / proposals

We design, manufacture and supply modules that conform to:

  • IGEM/TD/13
  • IGEM/GM/6
  • IGEM/GM/8
  • GIS/E34
  • PED 5500 filters conforming to GIS/E13.1
  • Kiosks to GIS/PRS/35
  • Hazardous area drawings / information to IGEM/SR/25 or IGEM/GM/7b