Mogden - Biomethane PRS

Active Flow were asked to design and supply a Biomethane PRS for Thames Water through their M&E contractor.  The brief was to remove the moisture from this wet Biomethane that hadn’t been successfully removed from upstream before reducing to pressure to that which was acceptable to the CHP engines.

The Biomethane had to be assumed to have some element of sour gas so the installation used stainless steel pipework to customer specifications.  The coalescing filter was also full stainless steel construction and incorporated two stage filtration with an array of 5 micron elements protecting the downstream equipment.

Several design iterations were require to fit a complex installation with a defined footprint without impacting on vehicle and pedestrian access.  We worked with the contractor to come up with a novel solution of installing the inlet section at one (lower) level and make use of the vertical filter design to have the regulator section at a higher level.  All of this was installed well above ground level to keep it clear for access.  Our split skid was installed onto the contractor’s gantry and supplied with adjustable feet to allow for exact positioning.

Subsequent visits to support last minute changes during its operation confirmed that this was a very effective at removing the moisture, condensing it and then draining off through auto drain valves.  The PRS also protects further downstream equipment which has been added to its outlet to ensure long term operation of the CHP engines.

We have supplied multiple biogas modules to suit different pressure tiers for grid entry units, reject streams for return or to flare.  The majority have been for clean, dry gas, with or without the need for propane enrichment but some have been for sour gas, wet gas, excess CO2 where stainless steel construction was specified.  These have been supplied to system integrators and end users alike including:

  • Air Liquide,
  • CNG Services,
  • Future Biogas,
  • NMCN,
  • Thyson Technology,
  • Severn Trent Water,
  • Thames Water,
  • Wessex Water
  • as well as sub-contractors looking after the installations.

Active Flow can help with your Biogas projects with its vast experience in over 22 completed Biomethane offtake installations, our inhouse expertise’s in design and build would be an asset to any project. get in touch if you would like more information.

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