Active Flow was asked to design and supply a high-pressure unregulated meter module to connect to existing CL300 connections, to replace a legacy installation that had reached the end of its life. Changes in demand over the years meant this installation was now oversized and pipe size was too big to install a suitably sized meter. We therefore produced a design and size to match the client’s preferred meter.

Sizing was straightforward but getting the dimensions of the module to match the site’s connections was a challenge, with any mistakes risking project completion being severely delayed. We visited the site with the client to understand the issues first hand then worked out a solution that suited the installing contractor and all stakeholders. The design changes required were minimal compared with overrun costs and were quickly accepted as the best course of action.

We fabricated and assembled the module in our Andover works, where our client inspected it. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the siteworks were delayed but we were happy to store the module until the site was ready to receive it.

Our haulage contractor was praised by those on site for his willingness to help with offloading and staying on site to assist with fine positioning to get the connections exactly lined up. The installation was completed in a few hours and successfully gassed up.


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