From large complex / critical, high-pressure projects to small schemes, we have a wealth of experience in project management to lift a weight off your shoulders by:

  • Managing key stakeholders’ expectations
  • Regularly reporting on key milestones
  • Devising and maintaining project plans
  • Liaising directly with your end user to maintain a streamlined production timetable
  • Working together to deliver on time, on budget and always to the highest level

We facilitate site visits when needed and manage hold points on projects to maintain target dates.

Delivery management:

We plan and communicate directly with your site teams to arrange module and kiosk delivery. We operate lift plans with FORS-accredited operators.


Key deliverable documentation is always provided to ensure ‘gas-on’ is achieved: SR25, GL5, base drawings etc.

Multiple vendor management:

Ensures the final turnkey product is delivered to specification: for example, we make sure the kiosk fits the module so it can be securely and safely stored on the day of delivery.