This was an unusual project for Active Flow Controls in that a twin-stream medium-pressure meter module c/w bypass was required in four weeks, but had to fit through the doors of an already-built meter room. Having drawn this complex (and relatively compact) module to fit through the doors and still achieve the required 500mm personnel clearance, we confirmed we could build and deliver it within the required timeframe.

This is an example of our teamwork with everyone checking their scope in terms of production planning and availability, inventory check of key components and the CAD resource required so that the sales team could confidently quote and we could achieve the rapidly approaching installation date.

While the module was in production, we looked at options to assist our customer to ensure that it could be manoeuvred into position in the meter room without getting stuck. Our haulage contractor greatly assisted with getting the module through the door and lowered onto rollers. It was completed on time and even incorporated some last-minute changes to allow the outlet to clear unforeseen obstructions.

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